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Australia, a great place to be if you’re a rich, straight, white male.

This is amazing. some of these words really capture the essence of my experiences as a young muslim migrant to Australia. Thank you for this. :)

It makes me happy knowing that you can relate! Thank you :)

beautiful blog :)

Thank you ❤️

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"It’s hardest for immigrant parents considering they’ve come here 20 odd years ago with the mindset of what India was back then. They’ve had to adapt and evolve their mentality to give us independence whilst ensuring we don’t lose our roots, culture and values, and I think to a certain extent they’ve been successful in this balancing act. I know how much they’ve done for us and continue to do without asking for anything in return, I just want to make them proud."

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"The best part about being married is when my husband hugs me!"

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"I know it’s cliché but understanding really is the key to a lasting and happy marriage. And for that, it requires another cliché - time. Blindly being led into an arranged marriage, and what’s more? Out of my own volition in this day and age, a year into it I would’ve told you it’s not going to last. But here I am another 3 years later, and I can’t imagine my life with anyone else.”

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A very cheerful display of colour during a bhangra performance, Showcase Your Culture 2014

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Little munchkins waiting for the fireworks, Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair

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The most inspiring advice I have ever been given is to believe in fate. Our paths have already been written for us. I see my friends sometimes worry about what their future holds: they stress about that graduate role they didn’t get, feel left behind as they watch their peers get married and start families, and beat themselves up over that exam they studied so hard for but that still fell short of a Distinction. Believing in fate allows me to appreciate the bigger picture, and envision my missed opportunities and shortcomings as a sign that greater things are waiting for me in the future. This mentality allows me to quickly move on from failures and disappointments and provides me with an optimistic view of what is yet to come.”

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Growing up in a strict Vietnamese household and coming to the realisation of my sexuality was an enormous struggle for me. I grew up feeling really selfish and guilty. My parents fled to this country amidst a war and gave me everything – a home, food, an education and all they wanted from me was to get a good job and marry a man and have children and to do all this in a way that was free from all the hardship they had to go through. So coming out to my parents was the hardest and most painful experience of my life because in one moment I knew I was shattering many of the dreams they had envisioned for me as their daughter. It was very difficult at first, and I had never felt so lonely and vulnerable in all my life but it was at the same time, the best thing I ever did because all this shame, all this guilt, all this weight I had carried for so long about who I was had finally lifted. I had finally accepted that being me and being gay is completely ok - it doesn’t make me love my parents any less. I still want to find a good job, to get married and have children but with a woman I adore and love incredibly one day.”