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"Growing up in all-white west-side suburbia, I used to be so embarrassed to be seen in public wearing shalwar kameez. Now I completely embrace it. It reminds me growing up and going to dawats, and the pleasure of dressing up, looking for matching rhinestone encrusted jewellery and slippers with that billowing silk or satin outfit. I like Pakistani couture and fusion fashion- kameez with jeans or bright pink churidar under an oversized top.

I completely agree with Naomi Wolf about the calmness and serenity of the shalwar kameez. It’s deliciously comfortable, flattering to most body types and ages and so floaty, pretty and feminine. Someone told me I looked like Arwen, the ethereal elf princess from Lord of the Rings- that was a massive compliment!”

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I’d always wanted 8 children. Even in high school, I remember dreaming about the big, beautiful family I was going to have. A girl can dream right?! I’m now blessed with 8 children - seven of my own womb, and one I inherited when I married my husband. It’s everything I imagined and a whole lot more. It’s chaos, a wonderful chaos.”

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Palestine, the place where kids are targeted, where resistance becomes a duty and where all Arab leaders are put to shame! Where are all Arab leaders when it comes to Palestine? Or are they just good at killing each other? Pathetic.

Palestine, the place I have always dreamt of visiting, without borders, without checkpoints and with justice, freedom and dignity.”

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"I love it when the month of Ramadan comes around every year, it is not only a time to be grateful for what we have, but to reflect on ourselves and actively work towards being better people in whatever aspect we feel we are lacking, in the hopes that we will continue such behaviour even after Ramadan."

"What’s your favourite thing about Ramadan?"
"It would have to be the Iftars and the generosity of people during this month. It’s a great feeling when breaking fast with family and friends together on delicious food that I only ever get to eat during the month of Ramandan. The outpouring of generosity amongst Muslims both here and across the world is what really strikes me during this month, it is wonderful to see people open their homes and also their hearts in giving to those who are less fortunate than themselves."

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Remember that time an Israeli minister threatened Palestinians with a holocaust?

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"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty."

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Casually sitting in her pram and fighting the system.

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Sydney | 130714

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"You got it easy when you white."